Save year-round with a Ground Source Heat Pump.

A ground source heat pump (GSHP) unit is the most efficient heating system available, at 300 percent efficiency, and is ideal for today’s energy-efficient homes. A ground source heat pump system, which transfers heat to or from the ground, provides 100 percent of your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

How Does a GSHP and Cooling System Work?

  • A water and antifreeze solution is circulated through a series of plastic pipes, called ground loops, that are buried four to six feet beneath the ground.
  • The ground loops provide a renewable and reliable source of energy, as underground temperatures remain stable.
  • Heat pumps use a typical refrigeration system to extract heat from the ground loops by changing the temperature, then circulating heat through standard ductwork. The system simply reverses during the summer to provide air conditioning.

Why Install a GSHP and Cooling System?

While the initial costs of purchase and installation are high, a ground source heat pump system is less expensive to operate than a conventional air conditioning system. The system saves $200-$400 each year over natural gas (based on 70¢ per therm)* and $700-$1,000 each year over LP (based on $1.40 per therm).*

*Information from the Department of Public Service.

GSHP Rebate Qualifications

  • Save $400 per ton for qualifying residential GSHPs.
  • Limit one rebate per member account.
  • Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2023.

Download and complete the Connexus Energy GSHP退税形式.

GSHP Installers

While we are not affiliated with any contractor directly, we encourage Connexus Energy members to research and check credentials when selecting an installer.

How to Sign-Up

  • Ensure the alternate heat source is automatic, thermostat-controlled, and able to heat the home adequately for up to 400 hours. If in doubt, please contact your own heating contractor.
  • A one-time equipment fee of $50 will be added to your electric bill at the time of ordering.
  • Complete the online program application.
  • Once your meter socket and equipment have been installed and a state electrical inspection has been completed, request meter installation and rate activation here or call Connexus Energy at 763.323.2650.